About Us

Heron Consulting is another Management Consulting agency with the ambition to be different

A few words from our Founder and CEO

With 10 years of Operational Excellence work in Management Consulting and 7 years of driving Excellence work in a corporate context I had recognized that there are things that can be done better both from the consulting side as well as from the client side. From a client side I would be looking for deep subject matter expertise and guidance in areas where we missed internal expertise. However most larger consulting agencies are not really equipped to sell senior advisory services, but are more inclined to package projects in larger initiatives where most of the work is carried out by consultants. If you would be able to “body shop” senior advisory time, it would always be with a quite scary price tag. 

What if we can sell senior advisory type of consulting services without any desire to “scale up the account”, but to only provide the specific bits that the client miss? What if we can peel off all overhead to sell these services at rates that our clients can endure over time? Wouldn’t that give a long term win-win partnership? 

I certainly think so and that is exactly the ambition with Heron Consulting. We will never be a large consulting company and we will never have the capacity to do all the heavy lifting in the projects. The actual project work is a great learning opportunity that we would not want to take away from our clients. This level of teamwork in the project is also the best foundation for an effective change process. 

– Thomas Häger, Founder and CEO of Heron Consulting AB 

So it is probably fair to say that we provide the same type of services and expertise as some other Management Consulting companies do. There are some parts where we like to stand out from the crowd:

You do most of the the work

To make sure that the solutions and improvements “stick to the wall” we want your internal people to be the drivers of the project. Heron Consulting preferably plays a coaching and guiding role and leave most of the “heavy lifting” to the internal organization. This means also that any knowledge transfer required in the project will start from day one. 

Where other agencies may talk about a handover period at the end of the project – we make sure that the handover starts at the project kickoff.

As other agencies talk about bringing teams with a “pyramid” structure – we prefer to guide and lead your own internal team. 

We are issue driven

If you can phrase the issue in a clear and precise way, half the work of solving the problem is already done. 

All projects start with a issue definition phase that defines the issue to a sufficient level of detail to make it possible to decompose the issue into tangible sub issues.

These sub issues will constitute work areas or work streams in the project. Making sure that the solution to each sub issue contributes to the overall solution and outcome of the project.

We are capability oriented

Capabilities are the very subject for improvement in any project. 

At Heron Consulting we utilize capability maturity assessment tools to identify which capability maturity shortages that are related to the issues addressed in the project. This provides a list of capability maturity gaps that will be matched with the sub issues and together this will define the activities that should be undertaken in the project. 

We don’t invent a solution in a vacuum, we invent it together based on the capabilities you already possess and need to tweak.

Performance improvements built on capabilities are strong and last over time.

At Heron Consulting we believe these three corner stones in our approach help us deliver solutions that are well received and “stick to the wall”.